Not every Christchurch painter jumps at the chance to create a unique look for your home, something personal that reflects your individual style, but we do! We are master painters with training and natural flair for applying Venetian plaster, suede, stone and other textured coatings and interior decorative finishes. These add a whole new dimension to your walls, ceilings, and trim; a tactile quality to colours. Ask us to demonstrate how your home’s interior could stand out from the rest.

Venetian Plaster

The specialised layering and burnishing process which a Venetian plaster finish requires gives your walls a stunningly smooth, two-toned, high polish look that could be mistaken for Italian marble. It takes an ordinary room, either casual or contemporary, and turns it into a space with personality, with feeling, with class. Perfect for bathrooms, entranceways, fireplace surrounds – anywhere you’d like a handcrafted work of art.


When you brush your hand across a suede cushion or coat, the fabric seems to change colour. The criss-cross pattern of a suede painted surface seems to do the same, tricking your eyes into thinking you are looking at fabric. This brush technique can be applied to whole rooms, feature walls or selected features of your home. It really does produce a remarkable, appealing finish.

Stone Finish

Also called sand or granite finish, this textured finish produces an understated stone-like or imitation sand appearance. Light in the room is absorbed by the tiny surface granules, giving your walls an enchanting sense of depth and richness. As the light changes throughout the day, so too does the look of the paintwork. Clever!

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