Interior decorative finishes can give your home a unique personal touch. Venetian plaster, suede, stone or other textured coatings add a multi-dimensional, tactile quality to wall colour, and add warmth and sophistication to living spaces.

Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster wall finish can provide casual or contemporary spaces with an old-world European feeling. The effect works particularly well with lighter tones, like cream, off-white, peach etc. The specialised layering and burnishing application process produces a stunningly smooth, two-toned, high-polish finish. With the addition of further layers, a deeper and more translucent effect is achieved, which, with the right colours, can be made to resemble marble if desired.


Suede finish produces a luxurious, velvety appearance which can enhance both communal spaces, like living rooms, and more intimate spaces like bedrooms and dens. Rich, muted, earthy colours work particularly well with this finish, which can be applied to whole rooms, feature walls or ‘segmented features’. The criss-cross pattern is applied with a brush, and the effect closely mimics real suede with its subtle variations in colour.

Stone Finish

(also called Sand or Granite Finish)

This textured finish creates an understated stone-like or imitation-sand appearance. Light is absorbed into the tiny surface granules giving walls a richness and enchanting sense of depth, which can alter throughout the day as the light changes. It creates a relaxed yet sophisticated look for both modern and more traditional homes, and is ideal for communal spaces, such as, foyers, living rooms and dining rooms.