Interior decorative finishes can give your home a unique personal touch. Venetian plaster, suede, stone or other textured coatings add a multi-dimensional, tactile quality to wall colour.

Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster wall finish can provide casual or contemporary spaces with feeling. The specialised layering and burnishing application process produces a stunningly smooth, two-toned, high-polish finish.


Suede surface creates a unique look which can be applied to whole rooms, feature walls or ‘segmented features’. The criss-cross pattern is applied with a brush, and the effect closely mimics suede .

Stone Finish

(also called Sand or Granite Finish)

This textured finish creates an understated stone-like or imitation-sand appearance. Light is absorbed into the tiny surface granules giving walls a richness and enchanting sense of depth, which can alter throughout the day as the light changes.