Interior House Painting

Not every surface inside your home is treated equally. Some parts are high traffic areas, other parts are prone to dampness or mildew. There are doorframes that take a beating from knocks and bumps, and heavy-use rooms where the skirting paint gets scuffed. To treat every surface the same is not doing your home any favours. That’s why we carefully consider which paint or wallpaper is the best option for your needs. Want just one room painted? Need the entire interior redecorated? We are ready for your interior house painting project.

Exterior House Painting

The harsh New Zealand sunshine is no friend to your beloved house. Neither is Canterbury’s bitter frosts nor howling hot winds. Quality exterior house painting not only protects your asset from the elements, but it helps make your home look loved. From refreshing your faded timber decking to painting your cladding, window surrounds and doors, we have the right paint, in the right colour, at the right time, for you.

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