Sometimes it seems that painting gets all the attention these days, like a new toy at Christmas, and wallpaper is the much-loved but now-ignored old teddy. It doesn’t need to be this way.

Wallpapering gives both traditional and contemporary decor access to an incredible array of colours, patterns and textures. Christchurch homes like yours use wallpaper on feature walls, hallways, statement entranceways, or they even wallpaper the entire house interior.

If you thought a painting swatch featured a bewildering array of colours, wait until you see the latest catalogues of wallpaper samples. But don’t be frightened! We take pride in helping homeowners choose just the right style and colour of wallpaper for your home. For us, it’s not about selling you a particular brand of wallpaper. It’s about creating a look for your home that you simply adore.

Maybe your wallpaper just needs repairing? We are master decorators, so we have the skills to determine whether your current wall covering can be fixed instead of replaced. And, of course, wallpaper removal is all part of our decorating service. For traditional and speciality wallpapers, you are in safe hands with German Master Painters.

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